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A patient presented with a several year duration of eczema to which he had found no relief with conventional medicine. Advanced biomeridian testing revealed a massive fungal overgrowth which precipitated his constant itching and discomfort. Treated with natural homeopathic remedies and diet modification, he reported an 85% reduction in symptoms in just two months. In three and a half months, he related that he “no longer had any skin issues.”


A patient presented with a prior diagnosis of hypothyroidism (Hashimoto’s) and was prescribed an onslaught of various medications over the previous four years to which she found little to no relief. She was constantly fatigued, suffered from recurrent illnesses, and related that it was interfering with her personal relationships and daily life activities. Our doctors requested the patient to have certain blood lab markers ran specific to her symptoms, and to her surprise, uncovered no thyroid illness at all. The lab did show readings consistent with a chronic viral infection, however. Following advanced biomeridian testing, it was determined the patient had been suffering from the debilitating Epstein Barr Virus (viral infection causing mono). A prescribed protocol to include probiotics to boost the immune system and natural homeopathic tinctures was initiated. At the follow up visit, the patient reported a 90% increase in energy, enhanced mood, significantly reduced frequency of illnesses, and “having her life back.”

ibs & leaky gut syndrome

A patient came into our office with complaints of bloating, abdominal tenderness, and having 12-15 loose stools per day. Being previously misdiagnosed with having a stomach ulcer, the patient was prescribed antibiotics. While antibiotics can serve their purpose, it can also cause a lot of collateral damage to the healthy gut flora, thereby, reducing the body’s immune response for years to come. After asking questions relevant to the patient’s symptomology, it was discovered that the patient went tubing in a lake years prior that had later been found to be contaminated. The patient admitted to swallowing the water on accident as it was constantly splashing into their face while on the tube. Advanced biomeridian testing disclosed an exceedingly high level of intestinal parasites, enough to make at least three people very sick. A protocol devised of probiotics and specific herbal remedies was prescribed. In about three months, the patient reported marked improvement in abdominal pain levels and is now having two regularly formed stools/day as well as better energy levels.

chemical toxicity

A patient presented with complaints of neuropathy and liver dysfunction. Conventional blood labs his previous doctor ran on him showed elevated liver enzymes but no definitive cause was evident. He was frustrated with how many specialists he had been to for treatment and diagnostic studies, only to find no relief of symptoms. In order to rule out environmental toxins as the causative factor of his symptoms, he was asked if he had any known chemical exposures over the years which then prompted him to relate he had lived on a farm for most of his life. Advanced biomeridian testing showed high levels of a chemical called 2,4,5-T, a herbicide that also accounts for half the composition of agent orange - widely known for its use by the U.S. military during the Vietnam War. He was then prescribed specific homeopathic remedies to eradicate the symptoms he had suffered from for over 15 years. At his follow up appointment one month later, he reported “noticeable improvement” in symptoms. After four and a half months following the prescribed treatment protocol, he relayed that his symptoms were “almost completely gone.”

toxic mold exposure

A patient came into the clinic with complaints of recurrent sinus infections and chronic fatigue he had suffered from for the last two years. An extensive case history was performed which revealed a history of numerous cycles of antibiotics prescribed by his previous doctor - antibiotics can encourage the growth of different types of fungus. He was having difficulty concentrating, constantly felt “worn out,” and his ability to efficiently perform duties at work had been steadily declining. He felt worried about keeping his job due to decreased productivity. After being tested with a biomeridian stress assessment, it was concluded that the cause of his symptoms were due to an overgrowth of a mold called aspergillus. The excessive amounts of antibiotics he took over the years had weakened his body’s immune response by wiping out the good gut microbes that are responsible for warding off toxins and keeping the body healthy. Additional questioning revealed that he had been living in a house built in the 1950’s with known mold damage in the basement, where his bedroom was also located. The patient was instructed to have the mold damage professionally removed and to sleep upstairs in the meantime, anything to create separation from the mold source. The patient was treated with homeopathies and probiotics. Two months later, he reported a 60% reduction in symptoms and another month after that, felt 90% better after having the mold removed.

hashimoto's thyroiditis

A patient presented with a prior diagnosis of Hashimoto’s for a duration of 8 years and was prescribed Levothyroxine. This medication gave minimal relief of symptoms and they still felt chronically fatigued and like “something was still off.” After further examination and diving into the patient’s dietary intake, it was found that this person consumed a lot of broccoli and other leafy greens on a daily basis; substances called goitrogens. These disrupt the thyroid’s production of hormones by interfering with iodine uptake in the thyroid gland. After sending him off to have blood work done, we were able to pinpoint certain deficiencies that were contributing to his condition. We found that his body was not converting the thyroid hormone T4 into T3, the more bioactive form of the hormone. We had him begin supplementing with selenium to promote this hormone conversion, as well as adding an adrenal support supplement to his regimen, as some of his adrenal markers were shown to be abnormal on his blood labs. The thyroid and adrenal glands are intricately tied together and the blood labs revealed signs that are characteristic of adrenal fatigue. At his follow up appointment 6 weeks later, he reported a 70% reduction in symptoms and they have remained in remission for over two years now.

Autism diagnosis

A two-year-old was brought into our office by his parents with a recent diagnosis of Autism with language and developmental delays. The only other remarkable findings included eczema. The patient had already started seeing a speech therapist at this point, as he was not communicating or able to form any one-to-two-word phrases and unable to make eye contact when parents would speak to him. After a thorough case history, we advised the parents to have their home tested for mold. We did advanced Biomeridian testing on the patient and found high levels of Candida as well as Aflatoxin, a mycotoxin produced mainly by Aspergillus (a toxic mold). We recommended certain homeopathic remedies to support liver health, flush out toxins, and a probiotic for gut health. At the four week follow-up visit, the parents brought the mold testing report of their home showing the highest levels in the house being the patient’s bedroom. They reported a 100% improvement in the eczema and a 70% overall improvement in their son’s cognition, mood, ability to express happiness, and his interaction with others without being prompted. They also related that he had used 12 new words since his first visit one month ago and his speech therapists have noticed significant progress as well. By his third visit, six weeks later, parents continued to see progress with patient’s vocab and increased compliance with verbal commands.

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