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Amber T.

"I had been suffering from a thyroid malfunction for over six years, or so I was told by several other doctors. I met with Dr. Jess and after he took a comprehensive health history, he decided to have some blood labs ran on me. I was amazed at what he found that others couldn’t. He found that it wasn’t my thyroid at fault, but rather my adrenal glands. He put together an easy to understand regimen for me and made lifestyle recommendations and I have felt like a new person ever since. Thank you so much, Dr. Jess!"

Barb D.

"I have worked with Jim Jensen for over two years. He is knowledgeable, thorough, and research based. He listens completely then makes recommendations occasionally combining ordinary household products with the treatment regimen. It works! And I don’t have to add pharmaceuticals! Jim is kind and cares deeply about his patients’ health and quality of life. Of course, we have to do our part and follow the recommendations…."

Mark C.

"I had been going to Dr. Shawn Schmidt since he started in 1986, he has given me a quality of life I would not have had. When he hand-picked another doctor to come into Natural Health Center, I once again put my full trust in him and went to Dr. Jess for treatment. Dr. Jess Bethel took the time to learn my body, his adjustments have been excellent, and he has given me great relief. The transition was seamless and I have been seeing him ever since. I highly recommend Dr. Jess!"

Elaine A.


"I had pain in my lower back and down my right leg. The pain was so intense one day, I had to crawl around my home. That’s when I called MNWC asking for help ASAP. Dr. Jess was available and gave me great relief from the first visit. THANK YOU, DR. JESS!!!"

Matt S.

"The team at Midwest Natural Wellness outstanding! Dr. Bethel is one of the best Chiropractic Physicians around. I’ve been adjusted by many chiropractors. I can’t say enough great things about Jim.
He has helped change my life and worked with many of my family members and friends. He is just an outstanding person and intuitive healer. I highly recommend Midwest Natural Wellness Center!"

Carli P.


"This team is the best around! Couldn’t fathom going anywhere else."

Nick W.

"Finally pain free after struggling with chronic pain for 17 years!"

Peg O.

"My husband and I (and members of my family and friends) have been clients for years. I have referred many people to the clinic when I hear them talking about gut issues--they have all been helped. Often it has been a situation where their doctor hasn't "found" the problem. Many times the problem was a parasite, fungal infection or candida. When has your doctor ever checked you for these conditions? Everyone should have a bio-meridian check at least once a year! Oh, and the new location of the clinic is awesome!"

Kelsey H.

"I have struggled with a stomach disease for five years now, and I was diagnosed last year. After months and months of endless nausea, my doctors were at a loss and could not figure out what to do next. I made an appointment with Dr. Bethel and he began to do acupuncture. Within two weeks, I was nausea free. I experienced my first consecutive days/weeks with no nausea in months. Everybody was very professional and eager to help. I feel like I am in great hands and Dr. Bethel wants to make sure I am healthy. I haven’t felt this good in a very long time, and I am beyond grateful for everything they have done for me at Midwest Natural Wellness."

Kylie M.

"I was referred to Dr Jess Bethel from a friend...after my first consultation and adjustment I was able to get so much pain in my neck and back relieved. I even found out I had an iron deficiency from a simple solution test! The staff there makes you feel welcome and at home. Based off my first experience, I will be going back there for monthly adjustments. I’m so happy that I’m finally getting the physical help that I’ve needed! Highly recommend Midwest Natural Wellness Center."

Bart H.

"The Midwest Natural Wellness Center has been a life saver for me and would highly recommend anyone to go there for true health help! Jim has helped me so much over the last few months with the bio-meridian testing and Dr. Bethel does an amazing job adjusting me! I highly recommend anyone that is not feeling like themselves and not sure what is going on to make an appointment with them and be amazed by what true health practice can do for you and your overall health!"

Lexi A.

"I have been looking for a decent chiropractor for months. I have a few friends seeing Dr. Bethel and they've told me nothing but great things. I went into Midwest Natural Wellness Center with high expectations...they were exceeded! He took his time and asked me many questions just so he can pin point my problem areas. For the first time in 4 months, my lower back is pain free. I highly recommend this place."

Sherri O.

"ABOUT BIOMERIDIAN TESTING: I have been going to Jim for several years for Biomeridian testing to maintain overall health. It has picked up on a few bacterial infections and viruses over the years. I am in my 50's and overall healthy and active. About a year ago, the Biomeridian test detected that my thyroid was stressed. Then 6 months later, another Biomeridian test showed it was still stressed. Jim referred me for an ultrasound, which revealed highly suspicious nodules. From there, Dr. Bethel referred me to Methodist Estabrook Cancer Center where I received a biopsy. I was then diagnosed with Medullary Thyroid Carcinoma, a rare and aggressive form of thyroid cancer. In the early stages, this type of cancer is not noticeable by the patient or their doctor, and produces no or very few symptoms. I had a total thyroidectomy, and am now 3 months post surgery. My surgeon gave me the great news that my bloodwork for specific cancer markers is normal/not detectable! Most people do not know they have this form of cancer until it grows large enough to feel and has already spread. If it had not been for the Biomeridian test, it is possible that this cancer would not have been caught in the early stage. I am grateful for to both Jim and Dr. Bethel for their expertise in overall well-being."

Rachel V.

PRAYERS ANSWERED! I never write reviews, but I felt compelled to do this. After suffering for 2 years with GI issues, 8 months of which were under traditional care (PCP, GI Specialist, and OB) with numerous methods of testing--I was only ever told my results were WNL. I knew that wasn't right bc I was miserable. So I decided to seek holistic help & showed my results to Dr. Jess --he easily pointed out areas of concern that were overlooked. He + Jim performed testing which indicated everything I suspected & more...after a helpful analysis and testing, I finally have found a root cause!!! I am so excited to finally be on the road to recovery with Dr. Jess - I know he will do exceptional work because his knowledge is vast and his patients I've spoken with at the clinic speak volumes.

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